Our story: Thanks to the support of a great community of members, we developed a fitness program over a period of 4 years, combining indoor and outdoor training at different locations throughout Austin. We noticed the need for this type of training, and so we, the founders, decided to expand our already established Saturday workout routine to an centralized facility downtown with more equipment. Our members are challenged every workout to do what they normally would not by themselves or in other fitness programs.

Purpose: Provide diverse training methods that are focused on strength and endurance, so our members can evolve into stronger athletes in mind, body, and soul.

Classes: Our classes will evolve and are tailored to meet the needs of our members. We will target weaknesses and evolve them into strengths.

  • Our programming for our classes includes functional fitness, resistance training, speed training, work capacity and other training methods that are meant  to improve the overall fitness, strength and speed of our members

Program: Our program focuses on customized training sessions that guarantees our members will reach their full potential.

Our current programming is one week long, each week, our main focus is one of the following pillars:

  • Strength 
  • Speed
  • Barbell Complexes
  • Work capacity 

Check out some examples of what we have been doing in class!